Sharing Goes Hand-In-Hand With Caring

Covid-19: Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place at this time. Find out more here.

Enterprise Car Club provides community-based vehicles for all members to use and enjoy. By becoming a member, you are agreeing to a few simple ground rules designed to keep everyone's journey enjoyable.

The fee for non-compliance with this code is €30 unless otherwise specified. For more information click here.


Take 5 Before you Drive

Before you go, take a few minutes to check the vehicle for damage. You'll find a Damage Evaluator and instructions in the glovebox. Report any damage or vehicle issues to our Clubhouse team on 0818202101 before driving away to avoid being held responsible. If you cannot get through on the phone, it is imperative that you take a time stamped image on your mobile device. Please then email the photos, with a description of the damage, to


Return on time

It is essential to return vehicles on time to ensure other members are not inconvenienced. If you are running late (it happens to the best of us at times!), please inform us as early as possible, so that we can make alternative arrangements for any other member who may be affected. If you need to cancel or change a reservation, please give as much notice as possible to ensure maximum availability for other members.

No Smoking

Please do not smoke in the car. This is also now required to comply with legislation, but also ensures the cleanliness of our vehicles for the next driver. If necessary, the cost of specialist cleaning will be added onto the penalty fee.


No Pets

To ensure that allergies are not activated, and the vehicle doesn’t smell, please do not transport your pets in the car. If necessary, the cost of specialist cleaning will be added onto the penalty fee.

If you need to travel with a service animal, please contact the Clubhouse team so we can discuss your needs.

Refuel or Recharge your vehicle

Always leave at least ¼ tank of fuel or if driving an electric vehicle, plug it in to charge at the end of your reservation, using the cable and charging card provided.


Keep it clean & remove rubbish

Please do not leave the vehicle excessively dirty for the next member, or unclean on the inside. This includes litter – please take this with you. If necessary, the cost of any specialist cleaning will be added onto the penalty fee. Most importantly, consider your neighbours, and leave the vehicle the way you would want to find it.

Safeguard keys & fuel cards 

Throughout your reservation, please keep the keys with you at all times and always leave the keys in the car when you’re finishing your journey. The cost of any lost keys or fuel cards are charged to members per item along with the penalty fee, plus any inconvenience costs incurred by the next member to use the car.


Mitigate staff call-outs

If lights are left on inside or outside of the car and causes the battery to flatten, or you perform some other action requiring a member of the Enterprise Car Club team to go to the car to rectify the situation (including a tyre change), our standard penalty fee will be charged, and additionally you may be charged up to a maximum of €75 for the assistance.

Pay Parking tickets

Parking tickets are your responsibility and must be paid for directly by you. If the ticket has to be processed by the club, a standard penalty fee will be added (we are often charged more by our leasing companies – as they receive the tickets and forward to us).


Speed cameras & other traffic offences

As the registered keeper of the vehicle, Enterprise Car Club are required by law to pass on driver details to the relevant authorities. Any offences committed are the driver’s responsibility and not the clubs. An administration fee of €30 will be chargeable on all tickets processed by us.

The fee for non-compliance with this code is €30 unless otherwise specified. For full details on other charges please click below

Other Charges