Small Car, Roomy Estate or Spacious Van? You Decide

Enterprise Car Club strives to offer its members a selection of vehicle types so that you can choose the vehicle that best meets your needs at any one time. Whether you need something small and nimble to weave through the city, something bigger to travel with friends or a van to help you move house – we hope to have you sorted.  To that end, the range, makes and models we offer are reviewed and renewed on an on-going basis.  


We regularly monitor the performance, range and emissions of our vehicles, and are proud of the fact that Car Club cars produce 72% lower emissions (PM2.5) than the average car*. The positive impact is amplified by the fact that 18.5 private cars* are replaced by each car club vehicle. Meaning the more Car Club wheels that hit the tarmac, the fewer cars there are on the roads overall, improving air quality and congestion.


Find out more about how Enterprise Car Club considers both the environment and the wider community.


* 2020 research from GB shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility 


Smaller Vehicles

Small (Toyota Aygo or similar)
Economy (Ford Fiesta or similar)
Economy Automatic (Ford Fiesta Automatic or similar)

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Medium Vehicles

Standard (Opel Astra or similar)
Midsize Automatic Hybrid (Toyota Corolla Hatchback Automatic or similar)

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Larger Vehicles

Compact SUV (Volkswagen T-Roc or similar)
Compact SUV Automatic (Volkswagen T-Roc Automatic or similar)
Intermediate SUV Hybrid (Toyota C-HR or similar)

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Electric Vehicles

Coming soon!



Small & Large Vans

Economy Van (VW Caddy or similar)
Standard Van(Peugeot Expert or similar)
Large Van (Ford Transit or similar)

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