Complete Clean Pledge


As part of the Complete Clean Pledge, we have expanded our already rigorous cleaning protocols. While we've always had a very formal training process in place that instructs all employees on the proper cleaning of a vehicle, employees are now being trained to implement new and more comprehensive mandates that include enhanced cleaning guidance for vehicles and branch locations, as well as social distancing practices.


Our antimicrobial surface coating system 


Clean vehicles have always been important to us, but at this moment in time, we know vehicle cleanliness is even more critical. As a result, we have enhanced our cleaning regime to ensure each of our vehicles is treated with an antimicrobial surface coating system. This forms an invisible coating that creates an environment where viruses, like COVID-19, find it difficult to survive for up to 6 months. The protection it provides endures despite high levels of usage, which is why over the last 18 months this coating has been applied to thousands of meters of public and private spaces including airports, supermarkets, schools, gyms & government offices.


A detailed cleaning process 


As well as deploying this new surface coating we visit our vehicles every 10 days for cleaning. The meticulousness of this cleaning process is backed by the ‘Complete Clean Pledge’. This covers vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitising with a disinfectant, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points (see graphic below). In between these cleans we ask members to adhere to the Car Club Code, keeping vehicles clean, removing rubbish and leaving vehicles as they’d themselves like to find them.

We continue to have measures in place to immediately isolate and quarantine any vehicle if needed.



Caution: do NOT leave hand sanitiser in hot vehicles


Leaving your hand sanitiser in a vehicle can become a fire risk. Most hand sanitisers contain an element of alcohol which is highly flammable and when combined with high temperatures can cause a fire. For this reason, we strongly advise you to take your hand sanitiser with you every time you leave a vehicle.