All Members are covered by damage protection


Damage Protection

All our vehicles are covered by damage protection for our members to drive and third party and passenger liability cover is in place. All our vehicles also have Damage Waiver in case of damage to and or theft of the vehicle, with a standard excess of €1500 . Hopefully, you will never have a bump but if you do, you will only have to pay the excess (in respect of damage to and or theft of the vehicle) if our damage protection team deem the accident to be your fault (or the third party cannot be traced). If the repair cost is less than the applicable excess, you’ll only need to pay that amount.

For more information on Damage Waiver, please see our FAQs Help Centre

Reducing your excess 

If you’re 21 or over, you may be able to reduce your excess for a particular reservation to €200 per incident by paying an hourly fee of €2.00/hr (up to €16.00/day). You can select this option at time of making your reservation.


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