Your Invoice Explained

We have recently updated our invoices to provide more transparency of how we charge for your reservations.

These invoices are system generated and ensure that you are billed accurately and timely. Some of the jargon might not be immediately clear, so while we work on improving that we thought it may be helpful to give you a few pointers.

Here is a whistle-stop tour of the line items that you are most likely to see on your Enterprise Car Club invoice:

‘Lot Discount Daily’ – This is a discount that is applied to ensure that the cost is capped at the daily rate for each full 24 hour period of your reservation.

‘Lot Discount Hourly’ – This is a discount that is applied to ensure that the cost is capped at the hourly rate for each hour of your reservation (when a daily rate is not applicable to that portion of your reservation).

M-TH Hourly / Daily & F-S Hourly / Daily – If the vehicle you have reserved has weekend (F-S i.e. Friday to Saturday) and weekday hourly and daily rates (M-TH i.e. Monday to Thursday), this will show what part of your reservation falls in to which rate category. Your hourly and daily rates are detailed to you before you confirm your reservation. The weekend rate applies Friday to Sunday inclusive every week.

Per-kilometre charge – The amount you have been charged per kilometre driven during your reservation.

VRF – Charge which reflects the change in vehicle registration tax that occurred in 2019 for Rental and Leasing companies.

VAT – Tax levied on goods and services in Ireland, for which the current rate on van bookings is 23%, and 13.5% on car bookings.

Should any other charges related your reservation occur, for example late cancellation or unplanned late return of a vehicle, these will be detailed on your invoice also. For more details about charges please click here.

Thanks for your time – should you have any queries about your invoice, or anything else, please contact us here.