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Your Rental Experience Improved 


Enterprise Car Club is in the process of improving the rental experience by upgrading our in-vehicle technology and mobile app. All designed with our ongoing commitment to providing excellent service in mind, giving you a seamless and improved rental experience. These updates include replacing the existing glovebox PIN pad with a more efficient glovebox key holder, into which you'll no longer need to enter your PIN number. We have also simplified fuel card usage by giving you access to the fuel card PIN number via the mobile app.  What's more, you can now easily extend your reservation using the mobile app. 


PLEASE NOTE: These enhancements won't be immediately universal across our vehicles as each needs to be upgraded individually. This will result in a brief transitional period where some vehicles will feature the new system while others continue with the glovebox PIN pad. Don't worry though, the app will know what you need to do based on the vehicle you've booked and will guide you.

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Accessing the Keys


Simply use the mobile app to open the vehicle and follow the prompts to remove the key from the glove box key holder. The light will illuminate from green to blue if done correctly. When returning the key, just click ‘Lock & End Trip’ on the app and follow the prompts. Soon, the new glove box keyholder will replace all glove box PIN pads.

accessing the keys: watch here


Fuel Card PIN Location


You’ll no longer receive the unique 4-digit PIN number for the fuel card in your booking confirmation email.  Now, the PIN number will be easily found in the 'Important Information' section of the Enterprise Car Club mobile App. This information will be updated with the vehicle's fuel card PIN once your reservation has begun.

 fuel card pin: watch here 

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Extending a Reservation


Open the app and go to your current booking. Then simply click on the 'extend' button. If the app won't allow you to extend your booking, it's probably because another member has booked the vehicle. If in doubt, please call the Clubhouse team on 0819202101 to prevent any other members being inconvenienced. If members are late or extend causing an inconvenience to another member, fees may apply.

 Extending a reservation: watch here 

extending - 1

Starting Your Reservation

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Step 1

Locate your booking in the Enterprise Car Club app and click ‘Unlock & Drive’.

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Step 2

The app will connect to your vehicle. Please enable Bluetooth for optimum experience.

Alt Text

Step 3

The vehicle will unlock, and you will be prompted to check the vehicle condition and select whether any damage is present.

Alt Text

Step 4

If you select ‘no’, you can now proceed to click ‘start trip’.

Alt Text

Step 5

If you select ‘yes’, you will be prompted to email details and images to

Alt Text

Step 6

Once you click ‘start my trip’ the app will prompt you to retrieve the keys from the glovebox.

Alt Text

Step 7

The app will confirm you are ready to go, reminding you to use the keys to lock and unlock the vehicle with the keys during your reservation.

Ending Your Reservation

Alt Text

Step 1

To end your reservation, return to the parking bay from which you picked-up the vehicle, and return the keys to the keyholder in the glovebox, inserting the key fob the correct way-up.

Alt Text

Step 2

Once outside the vehicle, locate your Booking in the Enterprise Car Club app and click ‘Lock & End Trip’. The app will then proceed to provide prompts to end your reservation.

Alt Text

Step 3

The app will then connect to your vehicle and provide a checklist of items. Once all the items on the checklist are completed and have a green check-mark next to them, you can click ‘Lock & End Trip’.

Alt Text

Step 4

The app will then notify you the vehicle doors are locking.

Alt Text

Step 5

The final prompt will confirm the vehicle has locked and you have successfully ended your trip.

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Help With The New Changes

  • How do I get into the vehicle?

    You unlock the vehicle from your phone by using the Enterprise Car Club app. Log-in to the app and navigate to ‘Reservations’. Locate your upcoming reservation and click ‘Unlock & Drive’ to start your trip. The app will notify you that ‘The vehicle will unlock momentarily’, and you will also hear the door mechanism unlock.

    Then follow the prompts on the app to mobilize the vehicle. The vehicle keys can be found in the keyholder located in the glovebox. During your reservation, make sure you lock and unlock the vehicle with the vehicle keys as you would in any other vehicle.

  • How do I end my reservation?

    Start by turning the engine off and removing the keys from the ignition (if applicable). Then open the glove box and place the key fob, which is attached to the keys, into the key holder. It should illuminate from blue to green.

    Once outside the vehicle click lock & end trip on the mobile app. Listen out for the door mechanism locking then check the door handles to ensure the vehicle is secure before leaving.

    If you have any issues with any stage of this process, please give the Clubhouse a call on 0819202101 whilst you are still with the vehicle and one of the team will be able to assist you..

  • Where is my fuel card PIN?

    Where is my fuel card PIN?

    A: If you've made a reservation using our app, you can find your fuel card PIN number in the 'Important Information' section under your reservation information (this will no longer be found in your booking confirmation email).


    If you're still unable to find your pin number, please email

  • What if I'm running a bit late?

    Don’t worry; this happens to us all, which is why we make it as easy as possible to extend your reservation.

    You can extend your reservation using the app.

    If in doubt, please call the clubhouse team on 0819202101 to prevent any other members being inconvenienced. If members are late or extend causing an inconvenience to another member, the below fees apply:

    If members are late and do not let us know they’ll be charged a €35 late fee plus 20c per minute for the duration over their original reservation. Additionally, any costs accrued by any member who is kept waiting may be passed on.

    All other charges can be viewed here.

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Vehicles with PIN Pads


Does your vehicle still have a PIN pad? Well no problem, because we have a dedicated webpage with all the information you'll need here.

Getting out on the roads has never been easier!

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