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Why Enterprise Car Club?


✓ Access a growing network of vehicles across Ireland 24/7

✓ Drive a wide range of vehicles

✓ Fuel & roadside assistance is included 

✓ Physical Damage/Liability Protection is included with an excess of €1500 as standard

✓ 24/7 Clubhouse telephone support


✓ Book by the hour or day, in advance or on the go

✓ Hourly rental charges are capped at the day rate

✓ Cancel your reservation for FREE up to 5 hours before your reservation

Letterkenny Membership Options

Choose a plan below. Once approved, you'll be able to access our car sharing vehicles with your phone App.

Choice 1

Standard+ Plan

Get 50 kilometres included per day, by paying slightly higher rental rates
For medium & heavy users

Rates in Letterkenny start from


with 50 inclusive kilometres


  • Monthly membership fee



  • Annual membership fee


Choice 2

Standard Plan

Pay standard rental rates with monthly or annual membership
For casual users

Rates in Letterkenny start from



  • Monthly membership fee



  • Annual membership fee



Offers for Letterkenny Residents


Business rate plans are also available


We provide customised car sharing plans that allow you and your company to decrease travel expenses, increase productivity and meet sustainability goals, all while taking advantage of our business plans with reduced rates and fees.

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Member Eligibility

  • Applicants aged 21 years or over
  • Who have a valid driving licence (International Driving Licence accepted)
  • Who have valid major credit card in your name

Key Considerations

  • For each reservation you’ll be charged rental (based on a per hour or per day calculation) and per-kilometre charge (based on how far you drove). An estimate for your rental will be displayed before you confirm your reservation. For more info on pricing click here.
  • If you’re 21 or over, you may be able to reduce your excess for a particular reservation to €200 per incident by paying an hourly fee of €2.00/hr (up to €16.00/day). You can select this option at time of making your reservation.


  • You are liable for any parking, tolls and fines from any parking tickets or traffic offences. These also may attract an administration fee.
  • Pay a maximum of €30 if you cancel your reservation within 5hrs of your reservation
  • Members are restricted to a 7-day maximum rental or €300 spend limit (excl. per-km charge) whichever is lesser. 
  • Time (duration) of rental - calculated at 15 minute increments from the start to end of your reservation

Member Responsibilities